Web-based hybrid applications share the same codebase across all platforms, and save you not only development time, but also production costs.


We help make your business process much more organized and efficient, providing your employees with great tools for their daily work.


We integrate AI and machine learning into your projects to solve both routine and out-of-the-box tasks.

Our projects

Take a look at the latest work from members of our team


API, Hybrid apps suite

We developed whole eco-system of apps for emergency services and commerical aviation, including apps for clients and rescue teams.

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Novikov Group

Mobile App concept

This application is a full guide of all restaraunts of Novikov Group, with ability to study the menu and order home delivery.

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DOC app is designed for modern medical facilities. It optimizes patient appointment process, case history management, and payment control.

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SIBUR 2016

Event guide App

We developed a guide app for a major energy company's interactive event. It provided navigation across the event, as well as several interactive activities.

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API, Mobile App

This educational app includes a digital assignment book, convenient class schedules and an interactive communication with tutors.

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API, Mobile App, Dashboard

We developed back-office system for employee management, as well as mobile app designed for people with disabilities.

Sberbank Leasing

Mobile App

We participated in the development of car leasing management app for Sberbank.

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Ozerki Pharmacy

Mobile App

We helped to develop a companion app for pharmacy's clients.

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Back-end, back-office tools

Our team developed the API for Osome app, as well as various back-office tools for Osome employees.

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Our technology stack


We craft our own tools to share with fellow developers.

Lovely Chart

A Telegram Chart Contest 2019 award winning library.



Lightweight and human-readable alternative to OpenAPI/Swagger format, allowing you to keep your API endpoints and models in separate and easy to maintain files.


mo framework

Hybrid mobile and web app framework with simple to use generators and powerful tools to quickly develop a cross-platofm application for Web, iOS & Android.


Yandex.Maps Native

Cocoa Pod library for simple integration of native iOS/Android applications with Yandex.Maps JavaScript API.



Yes, we love games.


Popular logic game in a quiz format, where more than 100.000 players compete with each other.

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Monster Mind

Logic puzzle game for iPhone and iPad, based on original Mastermind board game.

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